Nhat Tan hospital providing patient care services overall, to create trust for you


– With the motto “All for patients”


– Always obey the rules of quality management, learning constantly striving to perfect professional and always respect professional ethics


Provide, improve and invest in modern equipment products and services to satisfy patients and clients


– Constantly improving management systems quality- environment to meet the needs of patients




12 medical ethics (12 điều y đức)

One from sample Herbalist
Conscience, morality, patience, learning specialists. 
Secondly, respecting the rule of law, 
And regulation, the industry’s own technique. 
Three: respect the rights of patients
Not wrong treatment, not the grace.
Four : exposure playful,
Motivation, explains, smiling, dedicated. 
In the correct range of emergency
Not push the patient, kindly inquire. 
Six are appropriate prescribing,
Not for the sake as individuals. 
seven: not quit the job position suddenly
Quick management, albeit untold fatigue
Eight: patients when leaving, 
Reminding, specific detailed instructions
Nine: when the patient died, 
Helps faster procedures , sympathy, condolences. 
Ten: respected colleagues, peers
Dear teacher, health professional to help you fulfill. 
Eleven:  if there are errors
Get responsibly, do not dump the fins. 
Twelve:  places where education, 
help victims, civilized life.

Nhat tan

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